Expository Essay prompts There are a few features of expository writing to remember when creating this type of essay. First of all it is highly recommended to keep the main topic always in your mind. Avoid wordiness or unrelated supplements that are no need to be presented to understand your topic. At the same time, make sure to pick a topic that is narrow, but still enough for writing anything about it.

For example, the topic Flower might be too wide for your purpose of writing. If you pick one type of flower, for example, Spring Tulips it might be more appropriate. But if you decide to write about Spring Tulip you bought last night at local flower shop, it would be too narrow and there would not be enough information to reveal the topic.

And so, be sure to support your topic, providing an ample data, examples, and explanations. Certainly expository essay writing should be organized in a logical coherent way. The supporting details may include: descriptive details and definitions; comparisons, quotations, anecdotes, statistics and charts.

Keep in mind, when writing an expository essay you have to shut down your own opinions and emotions. This type of writing requires developing the factual and presentive manner of thinking. Another thing to remember is that you have to double-check the trustworthiness of the source. You cannot just use the information you have found on the Internet. The best way to avoid mistakes related on the unverified information is going to a library.

Typically, the expository essay is consisted of five paragraphs. The introductory paragraph maintains the general thesis. The next three paragraphs are the body of the essay that consists of the supporting details. Besides the length of this essay is unlimited, so it could be a more than three paragraphs. The concluding paragraph restates the main thesis and sum up all points of the essay.

There are some tips for writing process such as followed:

Prewriting Process

  • In this phase brainstorming about the topic and main thesis as well as the research should be performed. Remember that the expository essay is explaining and describing. So the topic may urge you to explain or describe something.
  • Decide about format of your essay and then create an outline showing the information to be revealed in each paragraph, arranged in a coherent logical order.

Drafting Process

  • Introductory paragraph. The topic sentence that states the general idea and the thesis of the essay should be clear without giving an opinion or showing your position.
  • Each body paragraphs should expose an individual point that emerges from the essays thesis. The supporting sentences of each paragraph should offer reliable information or examples to maintain the general idea.
  • The Conclusion. The thesis and the main supporting points should be restated and confirmed by content of the essay. Do not make a mistake by pointing out a new material.

The expository essay often based on an event, situation, or the views of other persons, and not on a writer experience or opinion. So it should be written in the third person, avoiding “I” or you sentences.
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Checking and Editing Process

In this phase reading and rereading must be done for modifying and reorganizing the work to make it excellent. To do so keep the following in mind:

  • Reading the essay consider if there are the fair analysis that expose logically, using an ample facts and examples.
  • Check if the information has been presented to the reader in a clear and effective way.
  • Beware of paragraph sprawl that may occur when you lose a focus from the topic by applying unnecessary details.
  • Check the sentence structure to be divers and the content to be readable.
  • Pay attention to transitions between sentences and paragraphs which helps the reader to follow and understand the essays argument.
  • Check if the conclusion communicates with the general thesis of the introduction and the main points of the body paragraphs.
  • Read the reorganized essay again. If there is still missing something? Take closer look at the topic statement. If it is strong enough. A general key to the expository essay is the stronger the topic the easer writing.
  • Correct errors in grammar and misspellings, and edit to improve your style. Though an expository essay should be clear and factual as well it can be lively and attractive. Having a friend reads your essay can help to see your work in a fresh view.

Even so creativity is not coupled with expository essay writing, it is an art form anyway. Try not to get captured by the formulaic character of expository writing, create something interesting. Make sure to leave a long lasting impression on the people by your essay.

The final tip is to give yourself enough time for the essay writing. After you have completed drafting process let your work sit for some time so you can rest for a while and then return to it with fresh eyes.